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We are pleased to offer a new Training Package structure for 2024.

We have (2) options, allowing everyone to tailor their training experience towards what fits them best.

We have expanded our course offerings, now encompassing all of our Northeast footprint as eligible training classes.

Sign up for a package and have access to any classes listed in the spring and fall 2024 schedules!

Two seats in ALL TECHNICAL classes only. This option allows you to sign up for up to (2) seats in any technical course offered within our business unit in 2024. You have the option of a single invoice or breaking it into two invoices over two months. Any business classes will be billed a la carte.

Two seats in ANY class, including all technical and our business training as well. This option gives you full access to all our trainings, regardless of subject or type, within our business unit. Any of the classes within the 2024 schedule are eligible, with any seats over the allotted (2) being billed a la carte.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for a 2024 Training Package that suits your business needs today!

For a full list of all our training class offerings, visit – Use the box in the top right to enter your zip code to find training available in your area.

MARS TURBO 200 Run Capacitor

Say goodbye to cluttered inventories and hello to the MARS Turbo 200 Run Capacitor. This versatile solution replaces over 200 individual capacitors, streamlining installations and repairs by allowing you to have the right capacitor for every job, every time. Using the provided jumper wires to select the desired capacitance, one capacitor can replace run capacitors ranging from 2.5-67.5MFD saving time and eliminating the need to stock multiple capacitors on your truck.

Some of the unique benefits the MARS Turbo 200 Run Capacitor features include:

  • CPT® terminal acts as a kill switch between the hard-start and compressor in the event of a failed run capacitor, preventing damage and possible compressor failure.
  • Filled with a thick non-PCB dielectric fluid to reduce heat
  • Rust free all brass terminals

These truly universal capacitors are made in the USA and offer a 5-year warranty ensuring that this is a product that you can trust to be reliable. Upgrade to the MARS Turbo 200 Run Capacitor and unleash the power of simplicity and efficiency in your HVAC repairs.

Click below for additional product information and to check pricing & availability at a location near you.

Nu-Calgon EasySeal Ultimate Leak Seal/UV Dye

Experience the ultimate solution for refrigerant leaks with Nu-Calgon’s EasySeal Ultimate. Perfect for split systems, microchannel coils, packaged units, and mini splits, the EasySeal Ultimate is the strongest and fastest leak sealant on the market. Used on systems up to 10 tons, the EasySeal Ultimate works with all refrigerants and offer an option that includes UV leak dye to aid in leak detection if the system leaks again in the future.

Installation is a breeze for technicians, as there is no system pump down necessary, and no injection hose or caulk gun needed. Simply connect the sealant tube to the service valves and use your manifold to directly inject the sealant into the system. EasySeal Ultimate is OEM approved not to clog manifold gauges and it is proven not to plug TXV’s, cap tubes, and orifices. Don’t let refrigerant leaks slow you down. Upgrade your repair arsenal with NuCalgon’s Easy Seal Ultimate and experience the pinnacle of HVACR sealant technology.

Click below for additional product information and to check pricing & availability at a location near you.

RectorSeal RSH-50

Did you know that the average home has $15,000 worth of equipment that is at risk of begin destroyed by a power surge? Reliable surge protection serves as inexpensive insurance for your homes HVAC equipment. With RectorSeal’s low-cost surge protection device, the RSH-50, homeowners can ensure their systems are protected from unexpected power surges that can cause system downtime or result in costly repairs.


  • Long-Lasting Gas Discharge Tube Technology
  • Unsurpassed Industry Product Warranty
  • Green LED Easily Indicates Protection
  • Weather-Rated under NEMA 4
  • Fits All Single-Phase Units
  • UL 1449 Listed
  • NEC’s highest Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)
  • RoHS Compliant

Capable of withstanding a maximum discharge of 50kA and with a short circuit current rating of 200kA, the RSH-50 offers some of the toughest surge protection on the market. To further back up their product, RectorSeal offers a lifetime warranty on the device and offers 5-year protection on the connected equipment (up to $5,000).

Click below for additional product information and to check pricing & availability at a location near you.

System Changes Coming Soon

Beginning June 28, 2023, when you call one of our branches, you might talk with someone different on the team. We know you can’t always wait, so we are making improvements to always have a dedicated team of sales associates available for you. They are all located in the same region and have the experience and knowledge to get you what you need, when you need it.

You can depend on us for the same great customer service, including:

  • A prompt response. When you call one of our locations during business hours, you will speak to a live associate, every time.
  • A local product expert. You can always count on talking to a product expert who speaks your language. Literally. Our Sales Center associates have the same product knowledge you’ve come to expect from Ferguson.
  • The Ferguson relationship you already know. The relationship you have with Ferguson doesn’t change. We will continue to offer you the top-notch customer service and tailored product solutions you already receive.

Santa Fe UltraMD33 Dehumidifier

Summer means more heat AND humidity. No matter the climate; dry or humid, there is a healthy zone that your home should fall within to keep your indoor air quality healthy. 

The Santa Fe UltraMD33 is the first true in-wall dehumidifier that features a slim profile.

Here are some special features to consider:

  • The Santa Fe UltraMD33 is the first true in-wall dehumidifier that features a slim profile.
  • This unit is energy efficient and runs independent of your HVAC system.
  • It can remove up to 33 pints of water a day making it the perfect solution to control moisture in multi-family applications.
  • It can be hardwired into existing electrical or directly plugged into a 110v outlet with its provided cord and will drain directly into a hub-drain or plumbing line.
  • Designed for quiet operation.
  • Comes with washable air filter for easy cleaning.

For more information, download the spec sheet by clicking HERE.