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11.16.23 Video Content
60 Minutes Special on IAQ
With COVID an ongoing concern and flu season getting started, aerosol researchers say there needs to be a focus on improving the quality of the air we all breathe while inside.
08.11.23 News
Plasma Air Indoor Air Quality On Buses
While efforts to reduce pollution from bus emissions have been ongoing, the quality of indoor air inside buses often goes unnoticed. A study conducted by the U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Coalition for Clean Air reveals that children riding a diesel school bus, which comprises 95% of all school…
08.09.23 News
Energy Star Certified Thermostats
Heating and cooling consume more energy than any other appliance in the home, making smart thermostats the best candidate to help save energy within the household. These devices offer the ability to monitor and adjust the homeowner's temperature even when they are away. More importantly, they can be used to automatically…
07.21.23 Video Content
Partner with Fresh-Aire UV
Choosing the right IAQ partner makes all the difference. Fresh-Aire UV provides you with the training, tools, and knowledge you need to become a leader in IAQ. Buy Now
07.20.23 News
MARS TURBO 200 Run Capacitor
Say goodbye to cluttered inventories and hello to the MARS Turbo 200 Run Capacitor. This versatile solution replaces over 200 individual capacitors, streamlining installations and repairs by allowing you to have the right capacitor for every job, every time. Using the provided jumper wires to select the desired capacitance, one…
07.20.23 News
Nu-Calgon EasySeal Ultimate Leak Seal/UV Dye
Experience the ultimate solution for refrigerant leaks with Nu-Calgon's EasySeal Ultimate. Perfect for split systems, microchannel coils, packaged units, and mini splits, the EasySeal Ultimate is the strongest and fastest leak sealant on the market. Used on systems up to 10 tons, the EasySeal Ultimate works with…
07.20.23 News
RectorSeal RSH-50
Did you know that the average home has $15,000 worth of equipment that is at risk of begin destroyed by a power surge? Reliable surge protection serves as inexpensive insurance for your homes HVAC equipment. With RectorSeal’s low-cost surge protection device, the RSH-50, homeowners can ensure their systems are protected from…
05.31.23 News
Durastar Training Opportunities
Join Ferguson HVAC to increase your technical knowledge about the Durastar equipment brand. Training classes are being held now through July. Register below as classes are filling up fast. View the full class descriptions and training calendar by clicking here. June 21st and June 23 Durastar Mini-Split E-1 Error Code…
05.24.23 Product News
Santa Fe UltraMD33 Dehumidifier
Summer means more heat AND humidity. No matter the climate; dry or humid, there is a healthy zone that your home should fall within to keep your indoor air quality healthy. The Santa Fe UltraMD33 is the first true in-wall dehumidifier that features a slim profile. Here are some special features to consider: The…