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03.27.23 Product News
Increase Revenue through Payzerware’s Maintenance Agreements
Payzerware is a cloud mobile field management platform built for HVAC and Plumbing contractors focused on growing their businesses. It allows contractors to simplify operations, improve collections, and sell more jobs. With over 25 product features, Payzerware streamlines everything into one place and…
03.24.23 Video Content
Combat Allergies with AirScrubber
Watch this short video to understand how AirScrubber by Aerus can help prevent those annoying allergies from flaring up by reducing the amount of air pollutants in your home. Aerus Air Scrubber products use a unique photocatalytic device that reduces air pollutants like: Dust Pet dander Pollen Mold…
01.18.23 Product News
Smart Camera From ecobee
The SmartCamera with voice control (EEBSCV01) is an indoor security camera that gives your customers more insight into their home.Upgrade homeowners in minutes. For homeowners with an ecobee smart thermostat, SmartCamera adds even more value by providing a powerful indoor security camera with all-in-one access from the ecobee app…
01.10.23 Product News
Portable, Clean Air with No Install
AERUS PURE & CLEAN (OZONE FREE)The powerful and portable Aerus Pure & Clean provides ozone-free surface and air purification with the use of their proprietary ActivePure® Technology to eliminate surface and airborne contaminants, as well as VOCs, allergens, smoke and odors in the environment around you. The Aerus…
01.06.23 Tech Tips
Build Customer Relationships with HVAC Monitoring
HVAC monitoring helps you stay connected to customers, so they can always get in touch when they need you most.HVAC monitoring 1, now on all Nest thermostats, looks out for issues with a customer’s heating and cooling system and sends an alert if something doesn’t seem right. They can also get alerts when…
01.02.23 Industry News
What's Next? The Inflation Reduction Act
In August, the U.S. Government passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a comprehensive energy policy bill with a record $370 billion in reserved spending for climate and energy initiatives. This legislation offers several tax credits that reward homeowners for purchasing higher efficiency, ENERGY STAR-certified and…
12.19.22 Product News
Whole-House Induct System Provides Healthy Air
HEALTHY AIR, HEALTHY HOME Featuring the Air Scrubber by AerusWith ActivePure® Technology, you can go beyond traditional air purification systems by not only eliminating stale odors and reducing dust, but actually eliminating harmful contaminants in the air and on the surfaces of your home.The Air Scrubber by…
12.02.22 Video Content
7 Easy Steps to Install the MARS QwikSwap Azure Motor
This video tells you step by step how easy it is to install the MARS QwikSwap Azure motor into a system.
08.27.22 News
Need a Replacement Compressor? We’re Your Source!
With all the equipment manufacturers and parts manufacturers out there, it can feel like you have to drive all around town to find the part you need depending on the system you are working on. Well did you know that Ferguson has compressors for all makes and models? We have everything from Copeland to Danfoss…