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We are pleased to offer a new Training Package structure for 2024.

We have (2) options, allowing everyone to tailor their training experience towards what fits them best.

We have expanded our course offerings, now encompassing all of our Northeast footprint as eligible training classes.

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Two seats in ALL TECHNICAL classes only. This option allows you to sign up for up to (2) seats in any technical course offered within our business unit in 2024. You have the option of a single invoice or breaking it into two invoices over two months. Any business classes will be billed a la carte.

Two seats in ANY class, including all technical and our business training as well. This option gives you full access to all our trainings, regardless of subject or type, within our business unit. Any of the classes within the 2024 schedule are eligible, with any seats over the allotted (2) being billed a la carte.

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Marketing Health Audit

BxB Media is a full-service marketing firm that focuses on the HVAC industry. They work with
hundreds of HVAC companies, helping them grow and build great brands. As an ICP approved vendor,
Ferguson HVAC has partnered with BxB to bring its contractors cutting-edge information and tools to
grow their businesses.

An objective and rated analysis, with comments and
recommendations for your HVAC company:

  • Website Design and Marketing
  • Website Performance and Keywords
  • Reviews and Google Business Profile
  • Social Media
  • Branding and Identity
  • Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • Ten page report. (Sample images on the right of this page.)


  • Gain understanding of how your website and marketing
    are performing.
  • Education on what is happening with online search and how
    you can make Google work for you.
  • Learn more about how to grow your business.
  • Set benchmarks and goals for future improvement and growth.

Ferguson is providing this benefit to its Elite Dealers Free of charge for a limited time ($1495 value). BXB will audit your current website and deliver your results at our Day & Night® Elite Dealer Conference in February 2024.


EPIC2024 Conference

March 11 – 12. 2024


EPIC2024, the most highly anticipated event of the year for the home services industry, will take place March 11-12 at the Disneyland Hotel & Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. EPIC2024 will feature celebrity keynote presenters, breakout sessions delivered by legendary industry experts, access to best-in-class product and service providers, dynamic networking opportunities and an unforgettable evening party. And for the first time, this year’s conference is designed to accommodate the whole family with on-site childcare services, a family friendly evening party and discounted theme park tickets.

Learn More and Register Today!


Ruud® M1 Virtual Training

Click below to watch the training videos and check back later for more M1 training videos.

Three Part Series: Ruud® Contractor App

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Optimus Financing

How Soft Pull Credit Technology Can Boost Approval Rates and Increase Sales in the Post-SEER Era

Hello. My name is David Delgado, and I am the Director of Business Development at EGIA, a non-profit organization serving the HVAC industry. We work with manufacturers, distributors, and HVAC contractors across the country, and we have been receiving concerning feedback lately.

In a post-SEER era, approval rates for financing in the HVAC industry are decreasing. This is concerning for both homeowners and contractors alike. With the current state of the economy, homeowners are looking to save money wherever they can. However, when they need to replace their home comfort systems, they often don’t have the funds available. This is where financing comes in.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are being declined for financing, and this is leading to a decrease in approval rates. For low to middle-income earners, the average credit score is around 600, which is considered fair. This means that many homeowners are at risk of being declined for financing, leaving them with limited options.

The problem with being declined for financing goes beyond just the immediate disappointment of not being able to get a new HVAC system. When a homeowner is declined for financing, they are left feeling embarrassed and frustrated. They don’t want to risk another hard hit on their credit, and they may not want to go through the lengthy process of applying for financing again.

This can lead to a decrease in the likelihood of doing a deal with the contractor. The contractor may not want to go through another lengthy approval process, and the homeowner may be hesitant to continue with the process. This can lead to lost sales for contractors, which is never a good thing.

But, there is a solution to this problem. Soft pull credit technology is the answer to increasing approval rates for financing. With this technology, contractors can quickly and easily determine what financing options are available to homeowners. This provides homeowners with a better experience and increases the likelihood of closing the sale for contractors.

At EGIA, we have a solution for contractors that need to improve their financing options. Our program, OPTIMUS, is designed to help contractors increase their approval rates for financing. With OPTIMUS, contractors can offer financing options to homeowners quickly and easily, without the hassle of lengthy approval processes.

In conclusion, the decrease in approval rates for financing in the HVAC industry is a concerning trend. However, with soft pull credit technology, contractors can quickly and easily determine what financing options are available to homeowners. This provides homeowners with a better experience and increases the likelihood of closing the sale for contractors. If you’re a contractor looking to improve your financing options, contact EGIA today to learn more about our OPTIMUS program.

To connect with me please reach out. I’d love to connect or hear feedback:

David Delgado


To schedule a call:

Reprinted with permission from David and EGIA.

Pearl Certification

Pearl Certification changes the game for your value as a contractor. Acceptance into the Pearl Contractor Network provides you with the tools to help your homeowner customers create sustainable, efficient, and comfortable homes. Pearl provides third-party validation of your quality, helping you shift the conversation from pricing to value. 

Pearl Certification will allow you to grow your business:

  • Increase high-efficiency upgrades and grow profit margins.
  • Expand scope of work with home investment plan recommendations. 
  • Access sales and marketing tools to demonstrate your value. 
  • Be ready for Inflation Reduction Act rebate requirements with a third-party certification partner already in place. 

The elite network only accepts the top contractors
Only contractors in the Pearl Network are authorized to offer Pearl Certification – and only contractors who have demonstrated exceptional quality and service are accepted into the network.

  • Superior customer service and value
  • Business best practices
  • Organizational commitment to quality
  • Technical and thought leadership in your field

 Find out how to get started with Pearl Certification and schedule your demo