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November 28, 2023

New Package Heat Pump

Packaged Heat Pump: RHPA/XZR

Cooling Efficiency:
13.4 SEER2

Nominal Sizes:
2 to 5 Ton ( 7.03 kW to 17.58 kW)

Cooling Capacities:
22.8 kBTU to 56 kBTU


o Performance

  • Microchannel evaporator coils across all tonnages matched with either microchannel or tube-fin
    condenser coils – uses up to 58% less refrigerant than other models for superior heat transfer
    capabilities and better performance

o Installability

  • Convertible airflow – makes converting to downflow configuration easy
  • Single-point wiring – simplifies installation
  • Zero-clearance capability – makes space-constrained installations easy

o Serviceability

  • Copper refrigerant connections – create a reliable and familiar braze joint
  • Externally mounted refrigerant gauge ports – grant easy service access
  • Slide-out blower – makes removal easier

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