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March 16, 2022


Nu-Calgon has a line of 4X concentrate versions of the coil cleaners you use every day. The coil cleaners are available in a ready-to-use quart bottle. One concentrate quart equals one gallon of their traditional coil cleaners (4:1 dilution use).

This line of 4X products take up less space on your truck, are easy to carry on roofs, and have cleaner connecting – no more pouring or spilling. Since no mixing is needed, these coil cleaners are safer for you to apply to coils. The specially developed packaging has a dilution insert assembly; simply use what is needed, cap bottle and use for another job. The product ships as a limited quantity –easier to get to the job site. Nu-Calgon 4X coil cleaners require the Clean Connect Sprayer.

Nu-Brite 4X Concentrate Blue (N429190)
Nu-Brite 4X is a new concentrate version of the non-acid, alkaline-based product available in a ready-to-use quart bottle. This coil cleaner is ideal for cleaning and brightening air cooled condensers. It is formulated with the best available foaming detergents and chelants to quickly penetrate and dissolve greasy dirt and grime and foam it right out of the coil. The safer alternative to acids.

  • Cuts through grease, dirt and grime better than acids
  • High foaming chemistry to lift dirt out of coils
  • Brightens the condenser coils extremely well

Download the Nu-Brite Sell Sheet here.

Alka-Brite+ Concentrate Brown (N412090)
Another 4X concentrate cleaner is the non-acid, alkaline-based product for brightening and cleaning air-cooled condensers. It contains the best available detergents and surfactants to quickly penetrate and remove greasy soils and oxidation and its foaming helps lift greasy soils out of the coil, leaving equipment clean and bright.

  • Quickly penetrates and removes greasy soils and oxidation
  • Cuts through greasy dirt better than acids
  • Foaming helps lift out stubborn soils

Download the Alkabrite + Sell Sheet here.

Tri-Pow’r HD Concentrate Red (N437190)
The Tri-Pow’r HD 4X is a heavy-duty alkaline cleaner that is based upon positive emulsion technology which is the most effective technology used for removing grease and grime. Tri-Pow’r HD emulsifies or converts greasy deposits into a fluid or liquid form that can be easily flushed. It also contains a surfactant for “wetting” the greasy deposits as well as corrosion inhibitors for protecting equipment surfaces.

  • For cleaning air-cooled condensers/ evaporators, permanent filters, fan blades and more!
  • Detergent-Degreaser-Deodorizer
  • Ideal for microchannel or any coil design

Download the Tri-Pow27’rHD Sell Sheet here.

Clean Connect Sprayer (N47730)
The Clean Connect Sprayer is uniquely developed for the use of the 4X concentrated cleaners mentioned above. The bottles for each of these cleaners contains a specific dilution tip insert assembly to where the Clean Connect Sprayer simply is hooked to the bottle and ready to go! No more pouring and spilling of coil cleaner – the sprayer offers a cleaner connect system. The Clean Connect System provides the opportunity to take up less space on the truck, easier to ship to the job and handle at the jobsite. The Sprayer comes with a carrying bag and accessory to hook up the Nu-Calgon Probe (N47741), which is available separately.