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May 28, 2024

EcoNet Thermostats

EcoNet is the first integrated control for residential heating, cooling, and water heating systems, delivering a new level of efficiency, convenience and comfort. EcoNet® delivers a whole new level of comfort control, combining heating, cooling and water heating systems into one easy-to-use interface.

Designed to perform today – and tomorrow – EcoNet works with select Rheem home comfort products offering an affordable solution that satisfies everyone’s budget and lifestyle

Connect to convenience – Control Rheem EcoNet systems with leading mobile and tablet devices. The apps are powerful – and absolutely free

Advanced controls – Simple to adjust temperature, set schedules, check system status and more. It’s smart technology that makes it easier than ever to ensure all home comfort systems are working together at peak efficiency

Simplicity and style – You won’t need a phonebook-sized manual to get the most out of EcoNet – it features an attractive and intuitive interface that’s easy to use, with a sleek look and three neutral faceplate options. Also, customers can change the background and button colors to fit their home decor

Energy savings – By letting your customers set schedules for their air and water systems based on lifestyles and usage needs, EcoNet makes saving more energy possible

Future Friendly – Designed to support connection with other home automation systems so customers can take advantage of exciting new advancements in whole home control

Humidity control – Customers can maintain the right humidity conditions themselves with manual mode or let the system do it by selecting the “auto” setting. This setting actively monitors internal and external conditions and automatically adjusts the relative humidity to maintain ideal comfort levels

Easier monitoring and maintenance – EcoNet can monitor and manage the operations of various accessories connected to an HVAC system including humidifiers, air filters, UV lights and ventilators. When an accessory requires attention, an alert appears on the control advising them to replace.

Combined with the Friedrich Endeavor line of heating and cooling systems, the EcoNet thermostat sets your customers up for ultimate home comfort. Learn more about the Endeavor line at the link below.