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August 31, 2020


The Nest Protect provides a natural extension of the HVAC products our contractors already offer and create easy add-on sales. Nest Protect is connected dual smoke and CO detector that alerts homeowners via a notification to their smart phone if there is ever an incident. See below for more features that set this product apart from any others on the market.


  • Dual smoke and CO detector so your family is safe from the visible and invisible.
  • Split-spectrum sensor protects your family from slow and fast burning fires.
  • Tests its sensors and batteries 400 times a day and its alarm once a month so you know things are always in working order.
  • Nest Protect is the only alarm with Steam Check which uses custom algorithms and a humidity sensor to look for steam and avoid false alarms.
  • The “Heads Up” feature uses friendly human voice to tell you what and where a potential hazard is so you can react quickly and intelligently.
  • Pathlight feature lights your way as you walk underneath it so late-night bathroom trips no longer need harsh lights to complete.


You can find a short video showing details on the Nest Protect here as well as a spec sheet here.