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June 23, 2023

Citadel Commercial Boiler

Introducing the New Citadel Boiler


High efficiency commercial boilers offering twice the power in half the space… now available at your local Ferguson HVAC! The new Citadel line of commercial boilers offers two sizes: Citadel: 399-1000 MBH and the Citadel XL: 1250 & 1500 MBH.

The Citadel boilers boast up to 98% thermal efficiency, 10-year limited heat exchanger warranty, and 1-year parts & burner warranty.

Saves Space
  • Reduced footprint, zero clearance (Citadel models)
  • Stackable/rackable design doubles MBH/sq.ft. (Citadel stackable as boiler model only)
Streamlines Replacement
  • 3-in-1 vent connector (Citadel models), multiple venting options
  • Up to 300 equivalent ft. of venting on Citadel XL models (200 equivalent ft. for Citadel models)
  • Simplified wiring – separate low/high voltage boards
Simplified Specification & Installation
  • CSD-1 built-in (gas train & controls)
  • Advanced Concert™ control system
    • Touchscreen with intuitive navigation and menus
    • Cascade up to 8 boilers
    • Data/event logging
  • Modbus connectivity
Reliability & Serviceability
  • Commercial-grade water tube heat exchanger
  • Easy access to all boiler service locations
  • Complete control panel access: slide out (Citadel models), external (Citadel XL models)

Concert™ Advanced Boiler Control System

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