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October 1, 2021


Ferguson HVAC is your one stop shop for repair parts. You can find the parts you trust to fit any model equipment including motors, capacitors, compressors, contactors and much more.

Replacing a hot surface ignitor can be a tricky job. Furnace designs and specifications change. Burner designs can be tight and difficult to maneuver in. Then there’s the need to carry a variety of replacement parts to match the range of furnace brands out there. Now, those challenges have one reliable solution: Glowfly® from Honeywell (HQ3200U1004).

The Honeywell Glowfly Ignitor (HQ3200U1004) is designed to provide a robust field service replacement ignitor, in gas fired appliances with Norton, St. Gobain, CoorsTek 120 Vac, silicon carbide, hot surface igniters.

The kit comes with the following items:

  • Easier fit. Faster job
  • Next-generation OEM silicon nitride quality for any installation
  • Custom designed bracketing
  • The strongest warranty in the industry

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