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May 1, 2021

Why You Should be Stocking Turbo® Capacitors

The Turbo® 200 line of MARS Universal run capacitors is the perfect solution for off-hour emergency service calls. When the parts warehouse isn’t open and you need a quick solution for a replacement, having one of these on your truck can be a real life-saver. The Turbo® 200 line is made in the USA, featuring aluminum construction with terne plate steel covers rated for a temperature range of -40C˚ to 70C˚. Designed for single and dual valve usage, you are guaranteed to have the right capacitor every time.

Turbo® Line of Run Capacitors

  • 12100 – Turbo® 200 Mini                     2.5mfd – 12.5mfd             370V or 440V
  • 12500 – Turbo® 200 Mini Oval           2.5mfd – 12.5mfd             370V or 440V
  • 12200 – Turbo® 200                            2.5mfd – 67.5mfd             370V or 440V
  • 12300 – Turbo® 200 X                         5.0mfd – 97.5mfd             370V or 440V

Visit your local Ferguson branch and pick one up today!*

*All parts may not be available in all branch locations.