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Sell more heat pumps with TECH Clean California incentives today

All California single-family residents interested in fuel switching qualify for TECH Clean California incentives. TECH Clean California is now a statewide program, and all systems sold on or after April 25, 2023 qualify to receive a $1,000 incentive per unit (up to two per dwelling).

These incentives will help your residential retrofit customers transition out of that inefficient old gas appliance to a new heat pump. Plus, dual fuel systems are authorized for incentives too!

Click here to download The Tech Clean California flyer to learn more about Heat Pump HVAC Incentives.

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  1. Become a TECH participating contractor today.


2. Previously enrolled TECH contractors?

    You can easily re-enroll by accepting the new program terms at Frontier Energy.


    3. TECH Clean California incentives can be layered with other state and federal programs.

    For a list of additional incentives, visit: