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February 2, 2024


We are pleased to offer a new Training Package structure for 2024.

We have (2) options, allowing everyone to tailor their training experience towards what fits them best.

We have expanded our course offerings, now encompassing all of our Northeast footprint as eligible training classes.

Sign up for a package and have access to any classes listed in the spring and fall 2024 schedules!

Two seats in ALL TECHNICAL classes only. This option allows you to sign up for up to (2) seats in any technical course offered within our business unit in 2024. You have the option of a single invoice or breaking it into two invoices over two months. Any business classes will be billed a la carte.

Two seats in ANY class, including all technical and our business training as well. This option gives you full access to all our trainings, regardless of subject or type, within our business unit. Any of the classes within the 2024 schedule are eligible, with any seats over the allotted (2) being billed a la carte.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up for a 2024 Training Package that suits your business needs today!

For a full list of all our training class offerings, visit – Use the box in the top right to enter your zip code to find training available in your area.