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Why Bluon?

Bluon can help you order parts fast. Watch the video to see how. When you download the Bluon app and favorite Ferguson as your distributor you’ll join thousands of users with streamlined access to our vast inventory.

Join Ferguson On Bluon

Access 24/7 live support so you never have to face problems in the field alone. With the innovative Bluon app, HVAC contractors tap into a growing network of more than 151,000 industry veterans with the pro hacks you need to serve your customers more efficiently.

How Bluon Supports HVAC Technicians

This free app delivers on-the-spot HVAC support right in your pocket. Bluon provides heating and cooling technicians access to:

  • A database of 500,000+ HVAC units (manuals, part lists, controls, support FAQ)
  • 24/7 Live tech support
  • Helpful tools, calculators and reviews
  • A discussion forum with vetted HVAC technicians
  • Certifications and training modules

Get the support you need to tackle every project, large or small, on time and on budget.

What’s New in Bluon 2.0

The newly updated app features a redesigned home screen and search functions as well as various new features to make your experience more streamlined including:

  • Check product availability in 3 clicks
  • Schedule Pick-up, Delivery, and Shipment Requests
  • Rapid part delivery with tracking from Curri (where available)
  • Earn Bluon points as you use the platform, and redeem for gift cards
  • New Suppliers’ Store Page

Set up your free Bluon account in minutes

To ensure you’re getting practical advice from HVAC industry veterans, Bluon sets up a short phone call once you’ve downloaded the app and created your account. You’ll gain free access to Bluon in about 10 minutes.

Favorite Ferguson on Bluon

Don’t miss out on a feature that allows you to find and buy replacement parts from your favorite distributors even faster. Favorite Ferguson as your distributor on Bluon to join thousands of users with streamlined access to our vast inventory.

Download on the App Store or Google Play.

Rheem® Contractor App

The Rheem Contractor app provides the tools you need and has content designed to make your work as a Rheem heating and air contractor or plumber easier. Contractors will have access to learning resources and Rheem product information to help make the best decisions about equipment replacement or repair. The app is also an integrated part of Rheem’s Innovation Learning Centers, providing training materials and documents, interactive exercises, testing, and more – both onsite and after training.

With the app and eligible equipment, you can:

Ensure an easy install

The app is required for setup and commissioning of the Endeavor line products with Bluetooth® technology.

  • Streamlined, faster and easier setup via Bluetooth technology
  • Hassle-free ‘charge’ mode in the app
  • Ensure proper operation after installation with sensor and unit status

Access Product Technical Support

The app also offers powerful support for all Rheem products, with the new Product Technical Support design, it makes it easier to use and more accurate than ever.

  • Access installation instructions
  • Share and download manuals
  • View technical sheets
  • View service notes

Track warranty information

  • Access installation instructions
  • Share and download warranty certificates for HVAC products

Locate distributors

  • Look up distributors
  • Map view with directions

Do research

  • Find up-to-date rebate information
  • Confirm AHRI information and certification
  • Research financing options

Click here to download the Rheem Contractor app.