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June 27, 2022

5 Ways Changing the Compressor Can Save You Money!

When the compressor needs replacing, many homeowners and contractors consider the option of replacing the entire system. Here are 5 reasons why changing the compressor is the more cost-effective option.

  1. Less Labor – A single tech can change a compressor, whereas a system change-out requires at least two crew members.
  2. No Demolition or Line-Set Replacement – These difficult tasks can be avoided by offering a replacement compressor rather than a complete system.
  3. Less Time – It takes far less time to change out a compressor than an entire system. This gives you more time for additional calls.
  4. New Products Make It Easy – With newer designs and technology such as the availability of re-piping kits, makes compressor changes simple while new refrigerants like R-407C breathes new life into R-22 systems.
  5. Happy Customer Today = Customer for Life – By selling a compressor change-out with a service agreement, you can save your customer money and turn them into a life-long customer through add-ons, scheduled maintenance, and future systems.