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January 6, 2023

Build Customer Relationships with HVAC Monitoring

HVAC monitoring helps you stay connected to customers, so they can always get in touch when they need you most.

HVAC monitoring 1, now on all Nest thermostats, looks out for issues with a customer’s heating and cooling system and sends an alert if something doesn’t seem right. They can also get alerts when it’s time for routine maintenance. And when they need help, it’s easy for them to find and book a Nest Pro for the job.

Three Benefits of Offering HVAC Monitoring from Nest

Keeps you connected to the user for the entire lifespan of the product: Every alert is a business card. When your pro ID is attached, we show you every alert. Your name, email and phone number are in every alert

Access to new customers: Many Nest thermostats don’t have a pro attached. Those users get connected to you through the HVAC check-up on Handy and when in the home, you can enter your Pro ID to be their contact for life.

Taking the hassle out of booking management: You get to focus on what you do best – With Handy we offer false positive guarantees, 24 hour customer support, cancellation management and more

Being part of HVAC Monitoring is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Signup or upgrade your Nest Pro account – Check your status or complete the stpens here to receive your Pro ID:
  1. Opt into HVAC Leads – Check the box “I would like to receive HVAC requests from customers”
  1. Onboard to the Handy Platform – Complete the few easy steps here to get access to Handy leads. Visit
  1. Always enter your Pro ID – When setting up any Google device – make sure to enter it.

Remember to add your Pro ID on every thermostat you install, so customers can get in touch when they need you – and you can build relationships that last. Plus, sign up for HVAC monitoring through Handy 2. It gives your customers an easy way to book online, and gives you the opportunity to get more qualified leads, even in the shoulder seasons.