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Trane Live Webinar: Next-Gen Rooftop Units and Split Systems-Powered by Digitally Enabled Controllers

Connected buildings of the future drive efficiency and sustainability, and they start with digitally enabled HVAC systems. Trane’s next-generation rooftop units and split systems leverage next-generation Symbio® unit controllers to provide reliable automation and drive ROI with increased sustainable operations. With Symbio, connected buildings take productivity further, meet changing DOE regulations, and potentially earn local incentives. Utilizing the Symbio® Service & Installation mobile app, you can quickly access critical data and equipment configuration to simplify installation, operation, and service. Symbio is now shipping standard on Precedent® (6-25 tons), Voyager® 3 (27.5-50 tons), and Odyssey™ (6-25 tons).

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about Trane’s newest light commercial rooftop unit and split system features, capabilities, and DOE requirements.
  • Understand key improvements of Symbio® 700 compared to older ReliaTel™ and electromechanical controllers and why upgrading is important for risk mitigation.
  • Learn how to use the Symbio® Service & Installation mobile app and understand the kind of data it provides.

Explore features of Symbio® that make it easier than ever to set up, commission, and service next-generation light commercial rooftop units.

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Hear from:

Chris Gist
Portfolio Leader, HVAC Equipment Controls

John Klesk
Senior Product Manager, Precedent Rooftop Units

Rachel Nilsson
Product Manager, Controls Service Tools

This event is hosted by BNP Media and Sponsored by Trane.