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XOi Technologies


Easy to implement. Easy to use.

We work with your managers and techs to get them up and running in a matter of weeks.

Born out of the field service industry, XOi Technologies is shifting the way field service professionals do business. Developed with the goal of addressing the challenges and effects of the skilled trades gap, XOi is devoted to arming technicians with the tools needed to bring efficiency, transparency,
and expertise to every jobsite. The XOi Vision app provides residential and commercial field service companies in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries a complete curb-to-curb communication tool that empowers technicians to safely capture critical job site information, launch on the job remote support, access relevant equipment documentation, and provide customers photos and videos of recommended and completed work.

Your All-In-One Communication Tool

XOi for Technicians
– Complete work faster.
– CYA with jobsite photos and videos.
– Hone skills with on the job training and support.

XOi for Managers
– Remotely view work quality.
– Verify job completion.
– Keep tabs on past and present jobs.

XOi for Customers
– Better communicate with technicians.
– Understand the work that needs to be done.
– Trust the work was completed.

Benefits of using XOi


Decrease non-billable costs

Decrease time spent supporting technicians remotely

Increase first-time fix rates

Increase number of jobs completed per technician


Improved customer experience

Increased market differentiation

Increased work validation and quality control

Increased insight into job activity and equipment history

Revenue and Profit Margins

Increased opportunity creation and win rates
Decreased call-backs
Decreased second truck rolls
Decreased number of customer disputes and credits

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