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Our Clive Counter Has Moved Locations!

The Clive, IA Ferguson HVAC has moved to a new location to serve you better. The new location is located in Grimes, IA. We will have more space, allowing us to stock more inventory of the items you need most, including plumbing products.

  • 150,000 sq ft facility
  • Pipe yard capabilities
  • An expanded plumbing and HVAC counter
  • 24-Hour Pro Pick-Up facility with a dedicated will-call area
  • New training center

Our New Address is:
400 SE 41st Street
Suite 100
Grimes, IA 50111

Stop by and visit us during our business hours of
6:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

60 Minutes Special on IAQ

With COVID an ongoing concern and flu season getting started, aerosol researchers say there needs to be a focus on improving the quality of the air we all breathe while inside.

Citadel Commercial Boiler

Introducing the New Citadel Boiler


High efficiency commercial boilers offering twice the power in half the space… now available at your local Ferguson HVAC! The new Citadel line of commercial boilers offers two sizes: Citadel: 399-1000 MBH and the Citadel XL: 1250 & 1500 MBH.

The Citadel boilers boast up to 98% thermal efficiency, 10-year limited heat exchanger warranty, and 1-year parts & burner warranty.

Saves Space
  • Reduced footprint, zero clearance (Citadel models)
  • Stackable/rackable design doubles MBH/sq.ft. (Citadel stackable as boiler model only)
Streamlines Replacement
  • 3-in-1 vent connector (Citadel models), multiple venting options
  • Up to 300 equivalent ft. of venting on Citadel XL models (200 equivalent ft. for Citadel models)
  • Simplified wiring – separate low/high voltage boards
Simplified Specification & Installation
  • CSD-1 built-in (gas train & controls)
  • Advanced Concert™ control system
    • Touchscreen with intuitive navigation and menus
    • Cascade up to 8 boilers
    • Data/event logging
  • Modbus connectivity
Reliability & Serviceability
  • Commercial-grade water tube heat exchanger
  • Easy access to all boiler service locations
  • Complete control panel access: slide out (Citadel models), external (Citadel XL models)

Concert™ Advanced Boiler Control System

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Durastar Sirius Heat™

Engineered for Comfort


When it’s exceptionally cold outside, you need an exceptional system. Durastar ductless outdoor units use Sirius Heat™ technology to functions better in harsh conditions. These units combine highly efficient industry innovations to provide up to 100% heating capacity ay 0°F and consistent performance in temperatures as low as -22°F.

Durastar Ductless Outdoor Units with Sirius Heat™
technology offer an array of benefits and features:

  • Up to 100% heating capacity at 0°F
  • Low ambient cooling down to 5°F
  • Quick-start compressor technology for fast heating on startup
  • Included base pan heater
  • High-efficiency inverter compressor

Speak to a Ferguson HVAC associate for more information.

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Dehumidification: What the Top 3 Brands Can Offer You

Why is dehumidification important?


Dehumidifiers remove moisture from your home to help you maintain desired humidity levels. Excess humidity promotes mold growth and condensation, and may even contribute to increased energy usage. High humidity can also have additional adverse affects on health. When humidity is high, some people can experience skin irritations like acne breakouts or develop heat rash.

High humidity can increase wakefulness and reduce the amount of time you spend” in the stages of sleep associated with bodily recovery and memory consolidation.

The Sleep Foundation
AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifiers

AprilAire Dehumidifiers work with forced air heating and cooling systems, as well as on their own in your home’s finished and unfinished below-grade spaces.

  • E070 Dehumidifier
  • E080 Dehumidifier
  • E100 Series Dehumidifier
  • E130 Series Dehumidifier
Honeywell Home Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Honeywell Home dehumidifiers remove moisture from your home to help you maintain desired humidity levels. Dehumidify your home for comfort and maintenance with Honeywell Home dehumidification products.

  • 65-Pt Whole Home Dehumidification System
  • 90-Pt Whole Home Dehumidification System
  • 120-Pt Whole Home Dehumidification System
Santa-Fe Standalone and Whole Home Dehumidifiers

Assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, their dehumidifiers are commercial-grade, easy to install and feature unparalleled air filtration — giving you peace of mind in knowing that the air circulating throughout your home is clean, pure and safe.

  • Compact70 Dehumidifier
  • Advance90 Dehumidifier
  • Oasis 105 Dehumidifier
  • Classic Dehumidifier
  • Impact155 Dehumidifier
  • UltraMD33 Dehumidifier
  • Ultra70 Dehumidifier
  • Ultra98 Dehumidifier
  • Ultra120(V) Dehumidifier
  • Ultra155 Dehumidifier
  • Ultra205 Dehumidifier

In the simplest of terms, dehumidifiers regulate humidity by removing moisture from the air. This creates living spaces that are comfortable to you but inhospitable to dust mites, mold and other allergens.


Durastar Unitary Equipment

Engineered for Comfort


Durastar was founded on three key considerations: quality, value and reliability. They aim to provide high-quality, HVAC products that perform consistently and are accessible at a value that’s friendly to everyone.

During warmer months, your home will stay cool with air conditioners that operate at a quiet volume. When temperatures drop, rely on gas furnaces that are engineered to withstand the cold. Durastar products are designed to maximize air flow to give you consistent heating and cooling in every interior space no matter the season. Durastar – efficient, enduring, engineered for comfort.

Quality Construction

Durastar products are created with sturdy, high-quality materials to withstand tough weather and protect internal equipment.


Durastar is proud to offer affordable, efficient and reliable HVAC equipment for homes everywhere.

Reliable Comfort

Durastar products undergo strict testing to ensure reliability and consistent performance in even the toughest conditions.

Air Conditioners • Heat Pumps • Air Handlers • Furnaces • Coils

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Intelli-HEAT™ Coil from Mitsubishi Electric

Hybrid HVAC

Eco-Efficient Comfort

Mitsubishi Electric’s intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System consists of 2 units: an exterior heat pump, which replaces your existing air conditioning condenser, and an interior unit that is installed on your existing furnace*. This smart system not only improves air conditioning efficiency on hot days, but also determines the best source of heat (gas or electricity) on cold days, so your HVAC system is always running at peak efficiency and comfort.

*Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner and heat pump systems should only be connected with ANSI-Z21.47/CSA2.3 certified furnaces.

Complete Comfort and Eco-Efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric’s intelli-HEAT Dual Fuel System delivers cost-effective, eco-efficient, year-round heating and cooling. Variable speed technology and smart controls significantly reduce fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Experience complete indoor comfort and a quieter outdoor environment in ambient temperatures as low as -13°F.

Intelligent Switchover

intelli-HEAT incorporates AI enabled smart controls to determine the most advantageous switchover point from electric heat pump to gas furnace.

Fossil Fuel-Free Heating

Using the all-electric INVERTER-driven heat pump, your intelli-HEAT™ system can match the heat load of your home for up to 98% of the heating season even in colder climates, significantly reducing direct and indirect carbon emissions.

Compare conventional HVAC systems to Mitsubishi Electric’s hybrid and all-electric heat pump solutions

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Combat Allergies with AirScrubber

Watch this short video to understand how AirScrubber by Aerus can help prevent those annoying allergies from flaring up by reducing the amount of air pollutants in your home.

Aerus Air Scrubber products use a unique photocatalytic device that reduces air pollutants like:

  • Dust
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Odors

Air Scrubber’s ActivePure Technology provides 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification as well as protecting the heating and cooling system from potential buildup.

Top 3 Questions Homeowners Ask Technicians


The thought of unknown and unplanned HVAC related costs can be intimidating. Service rates, replacement parts and systems have a wide range of costs, making it difficult for the homeowner to budget ahead of time.  HVAC-related costs can typically be broken down into three categtories:

  • Maintenance: Offering your customers a maintenance service agreement for preventive maintenance on their HVAC system can prevent minor issues from turning into major, expensive problems over time and could maximize the life of the system. Effectively communicating this value to the homeowners is not only beneficial from a business standpoint, it also helps build trust and an on-going relationship with that customer.
  • Repair: The cost to repair an HVAC system typically consists of a flat service call fee, the time associated to complete the repair and the specific replacement parts required for the system. Service calls outside regular working hours are generally more expensive than during normal business hours. These are all factors you will want to discuss with the homeowner so they have an accurate idea of the total cost and are not surprised with a larger-than-expected bill.
  • Replacement: There are multiple factors that come into play when pricing out a full system replacement, including potential upgrades like higher-efficiency units and additional add-ons like in-duct IAQ products. Knowing which products will help the homeowner save money in the long run and increase the life of their brand new system is a great way to show that you are looking out for them.


When you are called out for a system repair, there may be a discussion of whether or not the system needs replacing; or how long the system will continue to last. Things you should discuss with the homeowner include the age of the system, the cost of potential repairs, if they have been experiencing a jump in their utility bills, the efficiency of their system, and how long they plan to live in the home. All of these can have an impact on their decision of when to replace the system so it’s important to have an open discussion about their options.


The more electricity or fuel the household uses, the higher their utility bill will be. So, to cut utility bills, you have to reduce the amount of energy that the home uses. In relation to their HVAC system, here are a few ways you can help educate your homeowner on how to maintain lower energy usage:

  • Higher-efficiency units
  • Routine air filter replacement
  • More advanced, programmable thermostats
  • Routine maintenance schedule
  • Connected products for a more efficient home