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November 28, 2023

A2L Refrigerant Information

Are you interested in learning more about our A2L refrigerant, R-454B?

R454-B / A2L Refrigerant Kit

What is R454-B Refrigerant?

Check out these courses:

My Learning Center now has two online training courses to teach you more about our A2L refrigerant, R-454B.

The A2L Refrigerant – R-454B – 1. Industry Safe Application course will explore how our equipment is designed to comply with safe operation when R-454B is used. This course will focus on what agencies are required for A2L refrigerants and what we are doing to comply, using R-454B specifically.

In the A2L Refrigerant – R-454B – 2. Safety, Storage, & Transportation course, we’ll answer some specific questions surrounding the safe handling of A2L refrigerants. Some of these questions include:

• How should I store the refrigerant safely in a warehouse?

• Do I need to make changes to my truck to carry this refrigerant?

• Will my equipment be different when working with A2L refrigerant?

• Do any processes change when I charge or braze on an A2L system?

Need Factory Elite Dealer or NATE hours?

Be sure to register for the ELITE version to earn 0.5 credit hours per course.

A2L Refrigerant Courses
Total Courses: 2
Factory Hours: 1
NATE Hours: 1
Dealer Cost: $0
ELITE/NATE Cost: $20.00

All courses will be available to view for 30 days from the date of purchase.

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NATE credit received through this course is associated with the following specialties: Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioning Service, Air Distribution Installation, Air Distribution Service, Heat Pump Installation, Heat Pump Service, Efficiency Analyst Senior, Gas Heating (Air) Installation, Gas Heating (Air) Service, HVAC Performance Verifier.