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May 2, 2023

AKTIV8 Active Air Treatment

AKTIV8™ actively improves the indoor air quality and HVAC equipment efficiency within the home or building. It neutralizes biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria and viruses that circulate through the ventilation system. AKTIV8 (patent pending) is highly effective in helping to maintain a clean coil free from odor-causing and efficiency-robbing mold and biofilm.

Actively treats the whole-system

Treats the HVAC equipment and air in the entire home all the time

Advanced 2-year UV germicidal oxidizing quartz lamp

Long lasting, safe and effective

Certified to UL 2998

Verified zero ozone

Easy installation

Simple 24V connection and duct board kit included


5-year warranty on all parts. 2-year warranty on UV lamps

AKTIV8™ Goes Beyond Filters To Treat The Other 2/3rd’s
Conventional filters are only effective against particulates, like dust. AKTIV8 safely reduces both biological and chemical contaminants inside the air system and throughout the building. Together, they address 99+% of the contaminants in the air.

AKTIV8 Single
The Most Popular model when there is enough room over the coil for HVAC treatment. Part # DIVTUVAKT8ER2

The best choice when there is not enough room over the oil. It includes a second UVC light for coil disinfection. Part # DIVTUVAKT8DER2