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June 12, 2024

Rheem Side Discharge Universal Heat Pump

The new RD17AZ Side Discharge unit from Rheem is a universal heat pump that is compatible with nearly any existing HVAC system. The RD17AZ is designed to operate with existing indoor air handlers and furnace coil combinations, regardless of brand.

The Inverter driven, variable speed, twin rotary compressor technology features fully variable cooling and heating operation between 45% to 100% of capacity to continuously meet ever-changing needs. It’s compact footprint allows the unit to be installed in locations where space can be an issue, with options as low as 36.6″ tall and 40.2″ wide.

The unit has a focus on quiet operation with sound levels as low as just 58dB. This is possible by multiple sound dampening features including a sound blanket, refrigerant tubing design, fan blade approach and innovative compressor and drive technologies. All ensuring that as efficiency goes up, sound levels stay low.

The RD17AZ offers peace of mind to you and your customers with it’s 10-year conditional parts warranty on all installations with no AHRI-matched system requirement. Bluetooth connectivity can ease the installation and service of the system making your customers home comfortable again fast.

  • EcoNet enabled (when installed as part of a complete AHRI-matched, EcoNet-enabled system)
  • ENERGY STAR® certified for qualifying AHRI-matched systems
  • Cold-climate certified across all tonnages
  • Offers Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Eligible for federal tax incentives, conditions apply;

The RD17AZ Side Discharge Universal Heat Pump is available in 2-ton – 5-ton options.

Models Available:

  • RD17AZ24AJ3NA
  • RD17AZ36AJ3NA
  • RD17AZ48AJ3NA
  • RD17AZ60AJ3NA